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I am Gemma, a composer from the UK. 

My Story

My musical path began when I was introduced to ballet at a young age, falling in love with the genre of dance and also the love of Classical music. I learned the piano at twelve years old, with my favourite composers to play being Chopin and Tchaikovsky.

At thirteen, I was diagnosed with chronic migraines and the feverish dreams I had inspired my love for writing horror stories. That was when I started composing music as I needed music to go with these scary stories! 

My health improved and I went to university to study a Bachelor's degree in Music, then again studying for a Master of Fine Arts degree in Professional Composition: Game Music and Audio. 

I worked as an intern and junior composer at Orb Soundwerx LTD for a year, having worked on games such as Scelestus Chronicles and SCP: Containment Breach Reborn.

I now work as a freelance composer, having been commissioned to write a choral piece that was performed by the Standish Consort directed by Director of Music at Pembroke College, Mark Wilson, in Stroud UK.

Alongside commissions, I also write music for my gothic YouTube channel.

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